Tuesday, January 11, 2011

These dogs...

I’m watching our girls as they sleep off their stress.

I picked them up an hour ago from the groomer. They cried when I left them and they cried even louder when I returned.

They were thrilled that I had come back for them.

Home again, I let them out of their carriers and they smothered me with frantic, tail-wagging kisses even though I’m the guy who had left them in cages with a stranger.
Cricket and me.

I really don’t think they even remember that. I can't know for sure, of course.

These girls need Carolann and me for their very existence. We know that, but they don’t. They don’t think about how they would find food or warmth or safety if Carolann and I weren’t around.

They just snuggle between us in bed. 

They lick us their good-night kisses and go straight into a deep stress-free sleep, believing that they are in Heaven. It's enough for them. It's everything.

I think God gives us dogs to tell us how completely, selflessly and unconditionally He loves us.

Copyright © 2011 by David L. Williams all rights reserved

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