Thursday, May 23, 2013

Just ice cream

Last night I lost a crown while eating ice cream.

Let me repeat and clarify that: a gold crown fell off of a tooth while I was eating ice cream. Not while I was chewing on taffy or beef jerky...

Ice cream.
Not crunchy butter brickle ice cream; not nutty sundae, rocky road or Ben and Jerry's Preposterous Peanut Brutal ice cream...

Just regular chocolate ice cream.

And guess what? It doesn't hurt at all, not a bit. I have no need to rush to a dentist for an extortionately priced bicuspid emergency. The tooth has been dead for years. My whole mouth is dead, apparently. I'm just going to leave it be.

And that, friends, is the thin silvery lining surrounding the big black cloud of aging. When you reach a certain point pain apparently serves no purpose.

Willie Nelson famously said, "I've outlived my pecker." I'm pleased to report I have only outlived the nerve endings in my gums.


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